August is National Wellness Month! We asked LANAP clinicians what one tip they’d give to others about self-care, managing stress, or promoting a healthy routine.  Here are a few of the insights and tips:


Exercise is crucial for wellness

Stay Active!  The best way to reduce stress and blow off steam after a long day is by getting out and moving. Whether it’s yoga, a walk with the dogs, or a run – you’ll never regret it and it will keep you healthy too!

Eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly.

Exercise is critical for all of these, but it is difficult for some to commit. Working out with a trainer or a friend allows someone to keep you accountable.

For Total Wellness, Balance is Key

My advice for self-care, managing stress and promoting a healthy routine is to find an establish balance in your life. Routine exercise and following a healthy and a balanced diet is key to success. Although work is important, it should not take over your life. You also need time to unwind and relax often.  I follow a motto of “work hard, but play harder.”


Nutrition Plays a Role in Total Wellness

Intermittent fasting! Cut back to two meals a day, lunch and dinner, then work toward one meal a day, either lunch or dinner. Add in athletic greens one to two times per day and be sure to drink half of your body weight in ounces of water.

  • Thorpe Jacob, DMD
  • Crowns Now Family Dentistry, Greenville, SC


Mental Wellness also impacts Total Wellness